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Designed as a sustainable alternative for human capital assets, Nearsource is our friendly solution to address HR challenges by providing skilled resources that are readily deployable in a near-site facility.

Our extensive global network of niche-skilled professionals brings additional value to help your business scale up or down with ease.
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Build your Team
Lower your cost!

Benefit of skilled human resources & reduce attrition rate, while focusing on business and avoiding project delays.

Our solution Nearsource, is ideal for companies seeking to establish their backend/support teams in a neighboring country reachable within one hour right, across the borders, with same time zones, cultures, and languages. Unlike conventional offshore outsourcing, this approach offers multiple advantages, with cost savings remaining the key benefit.

Nearsource is suitable for companies of various sizes and industries that require specialized skills and expertise in areas such as IT, software development, customer support, and back-office operations. It is particularly beneficial for companies that:

  1. Need to reduce costs without compromising on quality.
  2. Want to access a larger talent pool that is not available in their home country.
  3. Need to expand their operations quickly in a cost-effective manner.
  4. Want to minimize cultural and language barriers that can arise with offshore outsourcing.
  5. Require real-time collaboration and communication with their outsourcing partner.

Overall, Nearsource is an effective solution for companies that want to improve their operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage in today’s global business landscape.

Nearsource offers several benefits over traditional offshore outsourcing, including better communication and cultural affinity while maintaining a high level of control and collaboration.

Solving your problem
With Nearsource solution

Nearsource is a business strategy to maintain competitive and cost efficient in a fast pace moving market.

Niche skillsProfessional Services

We are connected to a global network of professionals, with niche skills, supporting your business to scale up or down as and when required.
Our standard lead time is 4 weeks. However, when customers have urgent requests we can leverage our group of companies and partners to provide immediate* support.

Your teamHybrid Team - OnSite/NearSite

An extension of your team working in a nearby location. Consultants are available to report at client/company site in less than 2-3 hours and considered as a part of your main office.

Hot DeskOffice Space as a Service

Office full facilities for shared or dedicated space, secure and compliant. Office SaaS is suitable for any team size, fully serviced – so you can focus on growing your business without distractions.
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Copyright by Technopals Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.